Gentle Release Therapy

GRT is a form of therapy offering a light touch based on a variety of energy techniques. Bringing together acupuncture points, cranio release techniques, and hands on to allow the body to find its way to health and let go of patterns, stories that can accumulate over the years as well as the wear and tears of everyday life.

A session is normally done fully clothed, lying comfortably on your back with the support of pillows and bolsters. It can be used at any stage of life and can treat a range of issues like muscular problems, pain, digestive problems, fertility issues, stress, headaches, fatigue…

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Here is a project I wrote about GRT that connects this work to what I offer with fertility massage:

GRT for couples and women going through fertility challenges and IVF.

Working with fertility massage and seeing more women these days coming after trying for so long and deciding to go the IVF road I feel I want to support them along the way. I offer GRT already for women coming for fertility massage and have had very good feedbacks, one of them is that it allows them to go deeper while receiving the massage and its benefits.

Couples could benefit from GRT as men can be worked on as well… Recently I treated a couple with the massage for the woman and gave her husband a short session of GRT as he suffers from stress and it affects his sperm quality, having already done all the supplements. In case they were not pregnant this month he decided they would both come back in few weeks.

IVF puts a lot of pressure on the physical and the emotional bodies and very often when seeing a client while they wait for the embryo transfer I tell them to support their body and I believe GRT would be ideal for that (very often now the transfer is done a month after). They tend after a cycle of injections to suffer from bloating, mood swings and just an underlying anxiety.

The drugs put immense pressure on the liver and obviously like many sessions a lot of time would be spent there first.
Good digestion means good hormonal production and therefore good fertility…So the treatment could follow the protocol of the front body addressing the liver, the digestive system and clearly the kidneys as they are the battery of our bodies and maintain fertility health.
During an IVF process couples experience a lot of stress which affects also the nervous system.
Any work on the cranial system will help with resetting and preparing in a calmer way the body for the transfer. And we can also work with the hormonal reset on the feet as sometimes IVF put women in a state of “fake menopause” to then restart it with these strong drugs and produce many eggs. As during the stimulation phase I do not massage women for risk of overstimulation, if they wanted, GRT would support them emotionally and work wonders to balance everything.

I believe GRT could be positive for couples going through this challenging time and especially women who put their bodies through a lot and this is my joy to support these couples with this choice and sometimes challenging process…

Follow your Bliss

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a Life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”
Francis Scott Fitzgerald


Dear readers, I hope this email finds you well.
During the last few weeks I have been through intense transformation and the culminating moment was during a silent retreat with my teacher Adyashanti. Silence is key to healing, listening, learning to be again…from that place answers flow effortlessly, sometimes in an unexpected way, and very often with messages that -maybe- we didn’t want to hear…very often reaffirming what we deeply know but are scared to acknowledge.
This is why I believe in the power of safely held ceremonies, retreats that take us away from mundane things and “dramas”, spending time in nature.

      I realise I need to focus on what makes me happy as should/could you… It might take few weeks, months to transition towards more balance and really embody what I believe in. We are a perpetual work in progress. The most important is to trust, surrender and let the magic happen.
Each day I am more and more amazed by this life, this body. I feel that I have always been supported even at challenging times. As I breathe I am reminded on how this body has supported me to the best it could even when I didn’t honour it as I should ( I don’t like the use of the word should but in that case it suits the context well). Do not think that what I teach in classes and what I share with you in sessions of healing, abdominal work, massages, cacao circles is not for me as well. Each class is a reminder to be more present, to actually take that deep breath, to listen to my body; each client is a mirror to take that step towards more time off, to be lighter in my way of living, to slow down when I eat so my belly is happy and as a result my health better.
We are all in this together, we are all teachers and students of each other and we have touched lives and have been touched by others.
On this glorious day may we be reminded of the Impermanence of Life. Few weeks ago I was shaken to the core by successive unpleasant situations, sickness and bad news. Through processing, feeling my way through them I decided that life was too short not to love, forgive and be (more). Since, I started seeing changes around me.
I know I will be triggered again, we will all be challenged at times but maybe our responses can be different. I have been humbled up -after all I am human- and had to face few aspects of my shadow to end up laughing in its face. Who did I think I was?
We have all heard it, read it, understood it, but have we really been it? I am talking about Love. Not the romantic love but that deep acceptance. The concept that we are perfect as we are, even though, like a Zen master said a long time ago, there is always room for improvement.

Today I choose to step fully into healing. This is my commitment to myself and you.
What is yours?

Remember: you are Loved; you are Love.

In Deep Gratitude.
Sandrine 🙏

Cacao Bliss

It has been a long time since I felt like writing anything…simply because I am taken on a journey inwards that requires my attention and it also seems that time flies; but I feel it is time again to share few thoughts. Maybe the approaching new moon​ in Leo​ and full eclipse Monday is pushing me in terms of speaking more out loud and exposing aspects of myself so that we can all learn from each other and grow together.

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A prayer

Here is a beautiful prayer shared by Caroline Myss in one of her recent workshop…

​Let me imagine That I am dying Lord​.
Let me imagine that I am leaving this world,
And preparing to say farewell to this life that I have been given,
And to everyone I have walked this life with.

Let me feel the depth of that anguish
In my heart and soul farewell.

I need to feel that feeling.

I need to feel and to know how much I would break in sadness so that I might
Wake in gratitude for this life that I have, for every second, for every minute, for every Breath of this life that I have.

Let me feel the sorrow of parting with those I love so much,
That I may never see them again so that I may not feel anger but that I may look at them With gratitude and wonder that they are with me.

Let me look at every flower in nature as a miracle of creation,
Knowing that when I die I will Never touch one of them again.

Let me wake up every morning knowing that everyday could be my last
And everyday I must be fully in each day of my life, not in yesterday, and not worry about tomorrow.

I must give each day the best of all I am.

So let me visit my end so I might start yet again with the fullness of my life.

I want my soul to be in charge of my life’s choices now, do not want to waste my life dwelling in pettiness or anger, pride or disappointment, wanting what might never happen, regretting what never did happen.

Keep me from creating my own suffering and harming others in the process.
Hover over me Lord, with Grace and Guidance.



                                       I feel drawn to write today as I am about to fly back to Mexico after 6 weeks spent mainly in the sacred valley of Peru and Copacabana in Bolivia to walk once more across the Island of The Sun. What a fruitful time and as I was walking across that magical, mystical island/land few days ago I came to receive many messages (note: when I write that I receive, the source is always the same, within) and today I want to share to inspire us to live more authentically, from the heart.

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